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Is your business prepared to respond to shifting scenarios?

As a proven business entrepreneur in Connecticut or elsewhere, you likely have a checklist of traits that closely define you.

For starters, you're obviously driven to success. You are resilient, resourceful, work well with deadlines and under pressure, command people skills and without doubt possess strong acumen regarding money matters.

Connecticut insurance titan embroiled in class action litigation

Language seals deals. When carefully crafted and similarly interpreted by various parties, it can promote understanding and positive conclusions that might otherwise have been altered.

Conversely, of course, its ambiguity and other inherent problems can yield headaches of vast dimensions.

Do you need an attorney for a simple divorce?

In the state of Connecticut, there are a couple of options if you and your spouse want to pursue the easiest and least stressful divorce possible. The Nonadversarial Divorce, or “Non-ad”, is the most basic of the two, but you might also consider the Divorce With Agreement if you and your spouse agree on all the issues involved with breaking up the marriage.

While it is possible to proceed along either path without legal assistance, an attorney experienced with the state laws can answer any questions you have, help you choose wisely and smooth the way forward.

A few divorce-related things you might not have thought about

"Penny wise, pound foolish."

That time-honored American adage refers, of course, to the rather myopic view that many people take in various contexts when, by taking the cheapest possible route toward accomplishing a goal, they ultimately spend far more money in the end because they engaged in excessive cost cutting at every corner.

A realm unto itself: property division in a Connecticut divorce

"What works best for the life I am embarking on?"

That is a question we pose on a page of our website at the long-established New Haven law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC. We suggest therein to our diverse and valued family law clients that they timely ask it of themselves and duly reflect upon it during the divorce process.

Eminent domain: Are you familiar with the term or process?

The often-referenced "founders" of American independence, noted as the architects of our government framework, institutions and highest legal principles, held the notion of property in singularly high regard.

That is, they perceived it as being of central importance to the country's stability and growth, thus recognizing an owner's right to hold and safeguard it against interference from third parties.

Zoning, land-use issues often at the fore in real estate matters

Have you ever been through a municipal area in Connecticut or elsewhere-- or perhaps even lived in one -- where buildings in close proximity seemed to be inexplicably placed, that is, incongruous in terms of any logical connection between them?

For example, a farm house built perhaps a century ago now stands next to a block of modern apartments. Maybe a street in one area has a school situated directly beside a massive auto dealership. Or it might be the case that a factory belching smoke sits notably close to a row of residential homes.

Connecticut insurer one of several to lose in policy-related battle

In any given case, a court's ruling in a litigation matter is centrally determined by any number of things.

As noted in a recent business article, a judicial outcome from earlier this month featuring a Connecticut insurance company and several other insurer defendants issued "after an extensive and complex analysis of policy language" led the court to a clear determination regarding liability.

Finding hidden assets gets easier every day

It is no longer necessary to comb through musty ledgers or stacks of bank statements to glean information about assets your spouse may be hiding. For example, with modern technology, it only takes seconds to locate anomalies in financial records. If you suspect that the person you are soon to divorce is keeping secrets about money, property or other holdings, your divorce attorney can help, but there are also steps you can take both to locate possible hiding spots and to ensure the proper inventory and valuation of other marital assets.

Engage in smartphone tracking

Considerations relevant to sale/purchase of alcohol-related business

Most readers of our New Haven business and commercial legal blog at Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, likely know intuitively -- if not from personal experience -- that some quite singular variables exist relevant to the purchase/sale of any Connecticut business that sells alcohol.

A few commercial products in the American market mainstream command heightened scrutiny from regulators, especially when it comes to sales and what government officials figure is their fair take in sales-related tax revenues.

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