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Focus: when child support payments simply become too onerous

The term "deadbeat" is a well-known and often used depiction used in the family law realm to describe parents -- most often dads -- who for allegedly impermissible and unlawful reasons don't step up to the plate to fully satisfy their court-ordered child support obligations.

Most of our readers across Connecticut have likely seen recurring and often sensational stories that dominate tabloid offerings concerning deadbeat parents. Some of those individuals reportedly owe scores of thousands of dollars earmarked for children's needs that never made it into the hands of custodial parents.

A key agreement that merits close thought, careful drafting

A commentator in a recent legal article on a key business agreement terms that contract "foundational" and, indeed, it is hard to view it as being anything other than that.

That document goes by various names, including confidentiality agreement or secrecy agreement.

Will you survive a bidding war to buy your dream home?

When the supply is low and the demand high, getting into a bidding war might be the only way for you to buy the home you want. To be successful, you will need to engage the services of a knowledgeable realtor. To be sure you are on sound legal footing, you should also seek the help of an attorney experienced with Connecticut real estate matters.

You must be well-prepared to enter a real estate bidding war. Here are five tips for coming out a winner.

Might a closely held business be optimal for your enterprise?

In the complex and nuanced American commercial world, there are a number of business forms that might be reasonably considered by creative entrepreneurs scouting for the optimal model to guide a start-up enterprise.

And, given that (as we note on our website page addressing business planning and formation at the New Haven law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC), "Starting out with the wrong organizational structure … can put a real crimp in a new entity's ability to perform."

Have you left anything out of your partnership agreement?

A general partnership is often the structure of choice when there is more than one founder for a new business. When you are about to go into business with others, you may run into differences of opinion as to how best to proceed.

A written partnership agreement should include the key points and rules to live by. There are many questions that you need to answer with this document.

Widely-sourced evidence indicates booming CT real estate market

For some Connecticut residents, this is literally a million-dollar question: Concerning residential real estate transactions across the state, is it a buyer's or seller's market?

"Sellers are not satisfied -- it's still a buyer's market," states one realty principal offering her opinion in a recent news article focused upon current real estate realities operative in the state.

Survey: entrepreneurial spirit alive and well across the U.S.

Entrepreneurial drive is something that is arguably -- at least figuratively -- in the core DNA of many Americans, with the country having long been defined and known globally for its pioneering spirit.

Intimately coupled with that spirit is, of course, a sense of business adventurism, that is, a belief collectively held by legions of people in Connecticut and across the United States that they can forge out on their own and prosper through smarts and hard work.

A same-industry start-up failed: you needn't suffer the same fate

Can you learn from the failures of others?

You know you can, of course, with close analysis of third-party mistakes often being critically important to the success of individuals who duly heed them and employ avoidance strategies for the future.

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