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Poll zeroes in on what Americans think about divorce

In regard to today's post headline, we pose this query: What do Americans -- for the most part, all demographics considered -- really think about divorce?

Here's a short answer we think is accurate and gets straight to the point: not much. That is, the topic of divorce in America is increasingly a non-starter; most people don't regard it these days as much other than a legal process that is applicable to terminating one relationship and enabling an involved individual to move purposefully forward in life.

The worst things divorcees want to hear from you

Going through a divorce may produce a range of emotions for you. Announcing it may produce a range of responses as well. Some may be very sincere, others may be downright stupid. Nevertheless, you are going to have to deal with them. In the meantime, it is helpful to know what’s coming from those who don’t have a good sense of decorum, or any class.

With that, we highlight some of the things that divorcees hate hearing. Once you read this list, you may understand how uninformed and shallow some people can be.

Wallingford liquor outlets cited for underage alcohol sales

The adage, "Misery loves company" would seem to solidly apply to the owners of nearly a dozen Wallingford liquor stores, given their recent ensnaring in an undercover police scheme focused on ID checks.

A 19-year-old teenager either plays the role of an older adult quite convincingly, or clerks in multiple Wallingford liquor outlets simply weren't on their "A" games on two days last week, when that minor sought to illegally purchase alcohol.

Changing circumstances may prompt child custody revision

It is not unusual to want to modify the terms of your child custody agreement. Things happen in life. Circumstances change. The main thing is to keep the best interests of your child in mind, despite the need to revise the original terms of your divorce decree.

There can be any number of reasons for requiring modification, but you will have to show legitimate need for your request. An attorney experienced with family law can help you prepare a proper petition to present to the court.

Company learns hard lesson regarding employment offers

It must sometimes seem to company principals, office managers and HR specialists working in business enterprises in Connecticut and across the country that landmines -- at least figuratively -- confront them at all times as they go about their job duties.

And that is arguably the case most of all in the employment realm, where businesses routinely confront a complex and exacting regulatory scheme applicable to the hiring, retention and termination of their workers.

A key concept, concern in many family law matters: parenting plans

In the "old days" (one might want to revert a few decades here and/or flash back to a few time-worn movies and television fare of yesteryear), parenting arrangements following divorce seemingly followed a typical and recurring theme.

To wit: The kids stayed at home with mom in the family residence, with dad living elsewhere and dropping in occasionally. In legal terms, the mother had sole physical (and, often, legal) custody, with the father having court-specified visitation rights.

Judge on Connecticut liquor law: perhaps unwise, but not our call

When the topic of Connecticut liquor law comes up in commentary or conversation, the focus often turns quickly to the state's tight and comprehensive control of alcohol sales.

In such context, the word "complex" commonly emerges. Readers can quickly spot it on a relevant page of our website at the proven liquor law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, in New Haven. The "Safely Navigating Liquor Law" heading on that page serves unequivocal notice that Connecticut regulators have enacted a singularly detailed and layered scheme for controlling alcohol pricing and sales within the state.

When a business ends, multiple considerations can arise

Although this might not be true, it certainly seems to be the case that most of what features in news articles and reports about businesses in Connecticut and nationally centers on growth, opportunities and profitability rather than on demise and, ultimately, dissolution.

Yet the latter is just as much a central fact/reality relevant to business as is the ever-hopeful potential that is strongly focused upon at an entity's formation and throughout the realm of its commercial operations.

Why pre-planning is helpful for older divorcing couples

The National Center for Family and Marriage at Bowling Green State University says approximately 25 percent of divorce actions are filed by couples aged fifty and up. Retirement is on the horizon, and yet older couples want to sever the bonds of marriage.

Because people who have been married for many years accumulate more assets than younger people, and perhaps more debt, divorce can be complicated. If an ultimate parting of the ways is inevitable, pre-planning on the part of one or both parties will help to smooth out the process.

How does a business structure affect tax and liability exposure?

Choosing the wrong legal structure for your business may put your personal assets at risk or result in unintended tax consequences. Consequently, it is important to consult with a business law firm to choose the legal structure that is appropriate for your business and personal needs.

Sole proprietorships are the simplest structure. In fact, an owner who has no partners and hasn’t set up other entities for the business may not have to file any paperwork. However, there is no distinction between the owner and the business. The debts or profits of one are imputed to the other. The owner pays personal income taxes on all profits. If the business has a different name, the owner simply needs to register the operation as a d/b/a business form.

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