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Should I choose S corporation or C corporation? Part 1: Ownership

Finally taking the first leap to incorporate your business is exciting. You can look forward to the opportunities that open up to you. You also can look forward to complicated legal options, however. One decision in this process could make a major difference for your company’s finances: how you classify it.

Between the choice of S corporation or C corporation, it’s hard to know what the options mean when they only have one letter to represent them. The main differences between them regard ownership and taxes. In part one, we will discuss ownership.

Connecticut in running to score defense dollars, new jobs

A piece of the pie.

When it comes to national defense spending, that is what Connecticut legislators on Capitol Hill want after the smoke clears on "who gets what" and a final announcement is made regarding money disbursements under the National Defense Authorization Act.

Creating a legal parenting plan in Connecticut

Determining custody is a critical aspect of many divorce proceedings. Courts tend to favor parents working things out amongst themselves utilizing a parenting plan.

With proper construction and implementation, this plan can help to create a new routine and provide normalcy for children during what can be a tough time. There are a few factors to know and understand in order to create a legally binding parenting plan in Connecticut.

Café loses liquor license over consistent complaints

Just weeks ago, Hartford bar had its liquor license revoked for being a “consistent source of complaints” and following a shooting in July. During the summer shooting, a woman was injured, and the event spawned an investigation by the Connecticut liquor control division, which led to a temporarily suspended license. During the suspension, the business was shut down while further investigations took place.

Fast forward a few months and the bar was able to reopen but without a liquor license in place. This decision was due to the consistent complaints people in the surrounding neighborhood make about the bar. They cited their quality of life as being affected by the local bar.

Things to consider if you have divorce-related business concerns

If you're nurturing a small business in Connecticut during the divorce process, you obviously want to retain a solid focus on what has driven your success, even as you deal with the stresses and complexities of marital dissolution.

That's easier said than done, isn't it?

Lots of talk re business taxes: What does it mean for your entity?

Smart entrepreneurs and proven managers of already viable businesses try to maximize opportunity and profit in all dimensions, knowing that there are many connected pieces linked with growth.

Smooth relations with vendors comes to mind. So too does unstinting effort aimed at securing customer loyalty, the negotiation of sound and protective legal agreements, the securing of favorable terms on commercially leased property, the building of a solid reputation with lenders and a host of other things.

Shareholder proposal highlights employment challenge in big way

Seasoned attorneys at any business law firm know intimately well the broad-based challenges that their diverse clients routinely face as they seek to profitably run their commercial operations.

"People doing business know how complex it is," we flatly note on our website at the proven commercial law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven.

Will a postnuptial agreement make your marriage better?

You and your spouse may be about to celebrate your silver anniversary. You never had a prenuptial agreement, but as the years pass, circumstances change, and some kind of legal document that provides structure seems to be a good idea.

A postnuptial agreement can address just about anything you feel is important in making your marriage better. On the other hand, a postnup can set the pace for a smoother, easier divorce if it comes to that.

Commercial leases entail special concerns, considerations

"[R]ather complicated" is how one online overview of commercial leases describes that world for business principals seeking to understand and transact within it absent the close help of a proven commercial attorney well versed in real estate matters.

As that article notes, commercial leases are flatly different from their residential-related counterparts, and in many material ways.

Connecticut liquor wars: an enduring, vitriolic battle

No love lost here.

"Here" is Connecticut, with the referenced enmity being eminently on display between the state's many liquor package store owners on the one hand and behemoth-sized sellers -- Total Wine is the Goliath most notably despised by smaller retailers -- on the other.

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