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Holidays can be difficult for divorcing parents

Divorce can be challenging at any time for spouses in Connecticut coming to the end of their marriages. However, the winter holidays can be a particularly difficult time for families during or soon after a divorce. This is especially true for couples dealing with issues of child custody, parenting plans and child support during the holiday season. Parents who are ending their marriages can take care of their children's emotional needs and provide a supportive family structure even as they develop parenting plans that look toward the future.

Focus: when child support payments simply become too onerous

The term "deadbeat" is a well-known and often used depiction used in the family law realm to describe parents -- most often dads -- who for allegedly impermissible and unlawful reasons don't step up to the plate to fully satisfy their court-ordered child support obligations.

How parents can avoid conflict when a new school year starts

Regardless of  whether you kids are still be happy with being out of school or are bouncing off the wall with boredom, a new school year will be like life starting all over again. With new classmates, new teachers and new expectations, it may take a while for some kids to adjust to all this change. At the same time, some parents, especially those going through divorces or relationship changes, could be stressed out as well.

Family law realm: a wide universe, with both simple, complex issues

We necessarily note for our readers and diverse clientele across Connecticut that family law is seldom a do-it-yourself proposition. The issues that arise from family-based interactions across a wide spectrum of concerns can be dauntingly complex.

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