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Land use and municipal zoning: some key considerations

Connecticut real estate issues pose both challenges and opportunities for parties ranging broadly from homeowners to commercial developers. Relevant subject matter across a truly wide realm might readily come to mind for many readers of our business law blog at Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven.

Financing, leasing, regulatory compliance, property-linked covenants, eminent domain, title search/insurance – all these things and more can command instant relevance in a given real estate transaction.

Arbitration spotlighted in much-debated SCOTUS case

Arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism has legions of proponents and sharp critics, respectively.

The former camp stresses that requiring an employee to take a grievance to arbitration rather than court yields greater efficiency and savings.

5 steps to forming an LLC in Connecticut

When you are starting a business, you may want to form an LLC because of the many benefits that come with this business structure. Some advantages of operating an LLC include tax efficiency, legal protection for members and flexible organization.

An LLC is essentially the best of both worlds of a corporation and limited partnership. But even though you want to start an LLC, you may not know how. Here are the general steps to forming an LLC in Connecticut.

Spotlight on suggested Connecticut business reforms

Bob Patricelli has lots of business ideas, especially those relevant to promoting commercial growth in Connecticut.

And the former health care executive and longtime business insider is not averse to sharing them. Indeed, he is presently broadcasting them across the state and inviting their close scrutiny. Patricelli promises that his proposed fixes for a Connecticut economy that he says is barely treading water and performing “in shocking contrast to the states around us” will “reignite economic growth.”

CT Gov. Lamont’s business stance/agenda attracting attention

Let’s see, there’s the former PepsiCo chairman/CEO. And an ex-Goldman Sachs principal. They are augmented by a man termed by the Hartford Courant as a hedge fund “goliath.” His apparent passion and commercial acumen are added to by other proven business performers.

All told, notes the Courant in a recent article, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont seems to have surrounded himself with a “cadre of power players” who have new and strong ideas to better the state’s economic landscape.

Scorched-earth tactics: not the only divorce option

Some divorcing spouses in Connecticut and elsewhere opt for a hard-ball strategy upon marriage termination. That hardly seems surprising in given cases, especially for couples whose years together were marked by stress and turmoil.

Some divorces simply need to be secured under the watchful eye of a family law judge. That is especially true where a splitting couple can scarcely agree on anything, much less something as important as their children’s best interests or a fair division of marital assets. We note on our website at the proven New Haven family law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis that acrimony and sharp divergences of opinion often increase commensurate with the complexity of a divorce.

Connecticut business/labor relations under legislative spotlight

Are established Connecticut business owners and would-be startup entrepreneurs under undue stress in an uncertain commercial climate?

Or, alternatively, do a number of pro-worker proposals currently being floated in the state’s General Assembly collectively amount to something that both management and labor can come to terms with for mutual benefit?

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