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So-called “nesting” another example of expanding custody mores

Connecticut courts are amenable to a variety of child custody arrangements in divorce. The guidepost in their decisions is on what best promotes involved children’s interests, and that is decidedly not the same in every case.

Courts across the country, including in Connecticut, have grown increasingly disinclined over the years to regard a “kids stay at home with mom” outcome is as the automatic go-to solution for deciding custody matters. Proven family law attorneys working closely with valued clients have presented courts with well-tailored and truly creative parenting plans that allow for varied parent/child arrangements.

Should you be considering your ex’s SSA benefits post-divorce?

Although the below subject matter can apply with equal importance to both divorced men and women, it is the latter demographic we most emphasize in today’s post.

When a topic relates to whether a divorced individual in Connecticut or elsewhere should seek to claim an ex-partner’s Social Security benefits, the general focus must necessarily be upon divorced wives.

Many business owners still harboring questions re new federal laws

It’s formally called the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Most owners of small and medium-sized businesses in Connecticut and nationally simply view it as legislation highly touted under the Trump administration and recently enacted as law that promises strong upsides for company owners and entrepreneurs.

Not all business principals see it that way, though. Close to 10 percent of its especially targeted audience reportedly doesn’t know anything about it at all.

2 divorce myths you should ignore

If you have recently announced to your friends and family that you and your spouse are separating, chances are you are getting a ton of Connecticut divorce advice. Divorce is something that many people have misleading information on. Chances are, your friends and family are offering you plenty of tips to help guide and support you all throughout the process. Though they might mean well, you might want to be a bit cautious about the advice you heed. 

No two divorce situations are entirely the same. Regardless of how similar some of your friends' situations may seem to yours, tactics that worked well for them might not work for you. Here are some myths that could hurt your divorce outcome:

Helpful tips for those considering prenuptial agreements

Wedding season is just around the corner. If you are tying the knot, considering a prenuptial agreement is not out of the ordinary. More people are getting married after developing a career and cultivating own wealth independent of their soon-to-be spouse. Also, those entering their second marriages may have continuing support obligations.

With that, the question of how to approach a prenuptial agreement is still important. This post will provide some helpful hints on how to broach the topic.

Second time lucky? Self-serve alcohol machines again spotlighted

It’s not as though Connecticut lawmakers are trying to push a radical concept never before considered elsewhere in the country, or that their passage of a legislative bill would breed massive social unrest.

In fact, the subject matter of a bill that is quite popular – at least in the state’s House of Representatives – seems altogether mundane and unobjectionable, and likely to not even garner much interest if the would-be legislation is ultimately enacted as law.

3 important things to know about child support

Parents all across Connecticut are raising a child alone or with another parent to whom they are not married. However, just because these types of parenting circumstances are common doesn't mean they are easy.

One major challenge parents in these situations face is arguments over child support. Every step of this issue can cause a legal dispute to erupt, from seeking an order for child support to enforcing and modifying one, but if you keep the following three things in mind, it can be easier to resolve just about any argument related to child support. 

Arbitration or litigation? Not always an easy question to answer.

An experienced commercial law attorney who routinely handles diverse and complex matters for clients knows that arbitration is sometimes the best way to go to resolve business disputes.

At the same time, that advocate knows equally well that litigation is often the preferred route to pursue to effect optimal outcomes to commercial challenges.

Preparing for property division is a matter of good planning

If you are facing divorce, you are probably concerned about the process of property division and how you should prepare.

You may feel that problems will arise with your spouse in this phase, but good planning will help to keep property division fair and on track.

Connecticut child custody: if it's right for the kids …

It's pretty clear what is most important when divorce-centered talk turns to custody arrangements and a parenting plan that sets for the particulars.

Obviously, it's not about mom and what works best for her. And it just as obviously isn't about dad and what makes for an ideal outcome in his world.

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