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What happens to your pet in a divorce?

Pets are not just loyal companions. They become just like members of the family. Some people even lovingly refer to themselves as dog or cat parents.

We love our furry friends, no matter what. That is why many people deciding to end their marriage wonder: who gets the family pet in the divorce?

Businesses must prioritize accessibility

All businesses must ensure they comply with consumer’s rights. Federal law establishes that every consumer has the right to be safe on a business’s premises and when using their products. They also have the right to obtain information and voice their concerns.

It is essential to comply with these rights. It not only leads customers to return, but it also helps businesses avoid risky complaints and lawsuits. That is why business owners must make sure they protect all consumers' rights – including their right to reasonable access.

When can sellers pursue a short sale?

Nowadays, debt is almost an inevitable part of everyday life. Many young people start accruing debt when they attend college. In the years after that, many people also accumulate debt when they purchase a home of their own as they reach landmarks in their personal and professional lives.

However, the national mortgage debt reached an all-time high in 2019, totaling roughly $9.4 trillion. And the average mortgage debt for Connecticut homeowners is $225,386. Dealing with this debt can be difficult. In extreme cases, when individuals struggle to pay their mortgage debt, they might face foreclosure.

2020 brings big changes for state alcoholic liquor licensing

Whether you manufacture spirits, manage a brewpub, ship gift baskets or own a cafe, you must keep up with state liquor laws.

Perhaps you want to launch a new business. If so, keep in mind that 2020 brings sweeping changes in Connecticut alcoholic liquor licensing regulations.

Three tips to protect your finances pre-divorce

Getting a divorce is not only an emotionally stressful process, but it is also financially stressful. After all, spouses will be economically independent again after their divorce.

One of the main purposes of a legal divorce is to ensure both spouses maintain economic stability after they end the marriage, but a divorce can still bring many financial changes to their lives.

How to minimize risks of trade secret theft

The misappropriation of trade secrets can lead businesses to face serious legal disputes in addition to unfair competition that puts their business at risk.

For example, the California-based fitness tech company Jawbone experienced significant consequences in such a case. They claimed former employees stole trade secrets and gave them to a rival employer, Fitbit. This case has been going on for nearly two years. However, it could soon come to an end since Jawbone has filed bankruptcy because of the losses they suffered.

Business owners: Understand the lease before you sign

Most business owners know that their location can play a considerable role in their business’s success. That is why business owners take time to evaluate several factors of the location, including the consumer demographics, the accessibility to this area and of course, the price.

There are many elements to consider when finding a location for a business, but the price is a large component of a business owner’s decision. A commercial lease is a significant part of business costs, so Connecticut business owners must know that there are several details they must consider in the lease itself before signing.

How can you help your child cope with divorce?

The decision to divorce can be hard on both spouses, but it can be even more difficult to grasp for their children.

Children react in many different ways, including withdrawing in grief or acting out in anger and confusion. It is common for parents to feel stressed or even guilty when children are put through the stress of divorce.

Here are 5 major points to include in your parenting plan

The breakup of a family unit is a difficult, emotional experience. As parents, you and your soon-to-be-ex must make important decisions as you continue to raise your children.

The court will want to know how you intend to do this, so you must create a parenting plan. Here are five major points to include:

What you must consider in a joint venture agreement

Many businesses, large and small, find that creating a joint venture can be a lucrative arrangement. Two businesses combine forces and resources for a certain project to bring a new unique product or service to consumers.

However, because the businesses in a joint venture share in the organization, management, losses and profits of a joint venture, they must take time to create an effective joint venture agreement. This is critical for all business owners to protect their company and their assets, regardless of how long the joint venture lasts.

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