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What will reasonably qualify proprietary data as a trade secret?

In reference to today’s above-posed blog headline query, it can be emphatically stated first of all what will not ensure that a company’s prized internal data or information garners trade secret protection.

And that is merely claiming that it does.

How will your family business be treated in divorce?

We note on our website at the Connecticut law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis that divorce-linked property division can cause “chills to run up people’s spines.”

The factors that breed angst are clear enough. Post-divorce life looms as a large uncertainty. Homes are lost in divorce. Income is disrupted. Child-support concerns are often paramount. A divorcing party logically seeks to be treated fairly in a court-directed distribution of assets.

Federal courts: CT liquor law pricing not our business

As a national news report recently noted, Connecticut's liquor laws have been challenged by a major business chain as being "out of step with the 21st century."

Federal judges don't seem to care a whit about that. Successive courts considering the challenge have responded to it with what collectively amounts to an indifferent shrug.

4 myths you may believe about child support

Like virtually all parents, you want your kids to grow up in a safe, happy and healthy environment. While you are no longer with your children’s other parent, you want to provide for your young ones in the best way possible. Keeping up with child support is usually an effective way to do that. 

Few things are more stressful than having insufficient funds to pay child support. Still, what you think about your obligations may be incorrect. If you believe any of the following myths about child support, you may not make smart family or financial decisions. 

It was, and then it wasn’t: Amazon’s NYC nexus unravels

It happened, and then it … unhappened?

E-commerce giant Amazon was essentially bathed in a perpetual glow throughout last year. The company spelled the prize of all prizes for more than 200 American cities vying for selection as its second headquarters.

Is that individual an employee or an independent contractor?

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that employee-linked challenges are an apex concern for most employers in Connecticut and nationally.

That is understandable, of course. Human relations are at the core of worker-manager interactions, and the workplace is an inherently complex venue. Lots of things go right, to be sure, but downsides are also an on-the-job reality.

Business challenges: broad-based and replete with legal implications

We note on our website at the experienced Connecticut business law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis a fundamental point concerning the commercial universe.

And that is this: It is notably complex.

What are Connecticut’s business prospects like this year?

In a word, good.

That succinct assessment responding to today’s above-posed blog headline seems to reasonably sum up the collective viewpoint of several presenters making business observations recently at an annual Connecticut economic summit.

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