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How can you help your child cope with divorce?

The decision to divorce can be hard on both spouses, but it can be even more difficult to grasp for their children.

Children react in many different ways, including withdrawing in grief or acting out in anger and confusion. It is common for parents to feel stressed or even guilty when children are put through the stress of divorce.

Here are 5 major points to include in your parenting plan

The breakup of a family unit is a difficult, emotional experience. As parents, you and your soon-to-be-ex must make important decisions as you continue to raise your children.

The court will want to know how you intend to do this, so you must create a parenting plan. Here are five major points to include:

What you must consider in a joint venture agreement

Many businesses, large and small, find that creating a joint venture can be a lucrative arrangement. Two businesses combine forces and resources for a certain project to bring a new unique product or service to consumers.

However, because the businesses in a joint venture share in the organization, management, losses and profits of a joint venture, they must take time to create an effective joint venture agreement. This is critical for all business owners to protect their company and their assets, regardless of how long the joint venture lasts.

New report: Home prices still below 2006 peak

The Great Recession had many negative impacts on individuals’ personal finances, the job market and especially the housing market between the years of 2007 and 2009. In the last decade, the national economy has slowly begun to grow and improve again.

However, a new report states that the Connecticut housing market could still be feeling the considerable effects of the recession now, even as we welcome 2020.

Filing your taxes after divorce can be complicated

As January ends, many people receive their W-2s and other tax forms. It is the first sign of tax season.

Tax season itself can be stressful, but especially so after getting a divorce. Even thinking about filing taxes after divorce can leave individuals facing many questions.

New privacy law could challenge business owners in 2020

The business world is ever-changing. Business owners must proactively adjust their strategies to keep up with these changes and increase the success of their business ventures.

So, what kind of changes and trends should business owners expect in 2020?

Could eminent domain reform be coming to Connecticut?

Most people across Connecticut still remember the eminent domain dispute that resulted in the 2005 Supreme Court case of Kelo v. City of New London. It caught the attention of the entire nation when Susette Kelo’s property was seized by the city for public development.

Obtaining property for public use is the sole purpose of eminent domain. However, the controversy over this case came when it was discovered that a private company would benefit from developing this property.

3 times a postnuptial agreement usually makes sense

Even though marriage ceremonies are often full of family members, friends, flowers and cake, a marriage is a legal contract between two spouses and the government. Still, many couples do not view their marriage as a formal agreement. If the union eventually fails, though, divorcing spouses must divide marital property, settle custody matters and tackle other challenges. 

There is a good chance that you have heard of prenuptial agreements, as they are often fodder for gossip columnists and rom-com directors alike. You may be unfamiliar with postnuptial agreements, however. As their name indicates, postnuptial agreements happen after the marriage takes place. These agreements often address who gets what after a divorce, but they may also cover spousal obligations and other matters. Here are three times a postnuptial agreement usually makes sense: 

Recent analysis re Connecticut’s economic sphere

Proactive and prudent business owners and entrepreneurs often enlist the close and sustained help of proven commercial legal counsel on matters germane to enterprise risks, challenges and opportunities.

That reality might likely strengthen for Connecticut company principals over the near term and foreseeable future, given economic data just released by financial regulators.

Connecticut liquor law violations many, diverse

Some business realms across Connecticut and nationally operate with a comparative lack of regulatory restrictions. That is, their owners and managers conduct their enterprises without having to routinely deal with a complex overlay of rules and regulations.

Others don’t reside in that camp, with government officials taking anything but a laissez faire approach to their existence and operations.

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