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CT annual business survey underscores challenges, opportunities

The bottom line concerning results from the annual survey administered by Connecticut’s foremost business lobbying group is, well, … what?

It’s actually hard to say. The Connecticut Business and Industry Association reports solid growth for many member businesses, with their principals nonetheless voicing strong discontent with the state’s economy. Many company owners across the state plan to hire more workers and begin new projects going forward, yet stress their fears of commercial traction while discussing those expansionary goals.

As a small business owner, are you prepared for litigation?

Launching a business is an all-encompassing endeavor. There are so many things to think about, so many decisions to make that you worry about forgetting something along the way.

One aspect you should address is the possibility that you may face a lawsuit at some point. How should you prepare for the unexpected?

Divorce for older couples: safeguarding your fair share of assets

We noted in a recent Berdon Young & Margolis blog post a core point concerning legions of Americans dealing with marital discontent. We cited in our September 4 entry “a progressive uptick in divorces for baby boomer-aged individuals in recent years.”

That is no longer a singular happening. Rather, it is a commonplace, grounded in a number of factors that we referenced in the above blog post.

What are some common concerns for older divorcing parties?

The following is just flatly true, as financial pundit and Kiplinger magazine contributor Neale Godfrey stresses in a recent article on so-called “gray divorce.”

Godfrey notes that relationships for an appreciable number of comparatively older married couples in the United States “get back-burnered to life.”

What are signals flashing re Connecticut business indicators?

Good and bad. A mixed bag. Two steps forward and … .

Readers of our business law blogs at Berdon, Young & Margolis will quickly get the point concerning Connecticut’s economy from reference to a host of conflicting numbers and data that have recently emerged.

CT liquor industry reform proponents: See, we told you so.

Connecticut craft brewing industry principals and state interest groups representing alcohol wholesalers, distributors and restaurant owners have been figuratively at each other’s throats since, well, forever.

It thus seems appropriate for a recent media piece to refer to a conclave earlier this year between agents of the two camps as an “unprecedented, even awkward meeting.” That article underscores the negotiating stalemates that have routinely stymied industry leaders seeking reforms “that would revamp Connecticut’s outdated, and often restrictive, liquor laws.”

Give and take: the common-interest community

An experienced business law firm that offers full-fledged real estate services responds to widely varied client needs and concerns.

We duly note on our website at the established New Haven law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis that our seasoned legal team works diligently on behalf of valued and diverse clients on wide-ranging matters. Those range from issues surrounding purchases, sales and financing to leasing, zoning, title searches and more.

Spotlighting commercial financing and project capitalization

Creative and forward-looking Connecticut small business owners are always thinking of ways to grow their enterprises and ensure future profitability.

That entrepreneurial vision sometimes guides thoughts toward consideration of a real estate purchase for company headquarters and hopeful expansion. That contemplated transaction can make great sense for select business principals, especially for long-time lessees who suddenly see compelling buyer possibilities in specific properties.

The key role of a parenting plan in a Connecticut divorce

We duly note a point on our website at the proven Connecticut family law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis concerning children-linked divorce matters that we think virtually any reader will agree with.

And that is this: Where dissolution is involved, “it always comes down to the children and what’s right for them.”

3 professionals you want for your business team

Creating a start-up is an exciting endeavor that comes with many rewards. It also comes with risks, which is why it is important to start off on the right foot. You may have already formulated a business plan and maybe even secured financing. These are only a few of many important steps to solidify your business.

You also need the right team of professionals to succeed. Make sure you fill the following positions with qualified people who will support your company. Not only will their knowledge help you, but they will also free up your time for you to work on your business.

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