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IRS makes major announcement concerning overseas-assets program

As experienced Connecticut business lawyers, we know at the proven commercial law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven that our diverse and valued clients routinely deal with a host of complex concerns.

Formation and financing issues test every business principal. So too do matters surrounding contracts, licensing, employee relations, insurance and dispute resolution.

CT liquor license suspensions truly a big deal for proprietors

Connecticut liquor retailers face a host of challenges in their quest to retain their legal status and be profitable.

We note some of the obstacles they routinely deal with on a page of our website devoted to Connecticut liquor law at the New Haven law firm of Berdon Young & Margolis, P.C. Among other things, they include:

  • Obtaining applicable permits and health licenses
  • Dealing effectively with local, state and federal enactments
  • Staying on top of municipal zoning issues
  • Defending against sanctions and litigation (e.g., sales to minors)

What can a real estate attorney do for me when buying a home?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll likely ever make. And under the current seller’s market, it’s not a cheap undertaking. In addition to the down payment and closing fees, why should you add attorney fees to your list of expenses?

Real estate law is an area of law not commonly understood by most people. Today we examine some of the important services a real estate lawyer can provide:

Critical elements in employee classification

In many businesses, employees are the backbone of the businesses that employ them. Whether those employees are traditional or contractors, it is in the best interest of the employer to make sure employees are happy and all practices keep the business in good legal standing

Proper employee classification is a key element in determining those best practices. There are a few key elements to keep in mind about the classification of employees.

How a prenup can help a couple plan for their future together

Many people associate prenuptial agreements (prenups) with celebrity relationships—contracts between wealthy individuals who don’t necessarily expect the marriage to last forever. A prenup is seen as an agreement that says, “I love you right now, but if this ends badly, I don’t want you to get my money.”

However, a prenup is actually much more than a divorce-planning tool. It can be an extraordinarily effective mechanism to assist a couple in planning their lives together. Each prenup is different, and you decide what terms you want to include. Here are some common questions a prenup can answer:

A central consideration in Connecticut divorce planning

In select Connecticut divorces, a general tone of civility can yield salutary outcomes for both parties that avoid overt displays of rancor or stark disagreements.

Not all decouplings are so happily resolved, though, especially when complex asset distribution is involved. As we note on our New Haven family law website at Berdon, Young & Margolis, divorce-linked property division often "causes chills to run up people's spines."

Heading toward the door, Gov. Malloy keeps up liquor law fight

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is nothing if not persistent. The state's chief executive has repeatedly pushed hard for changes to Connecticut's minimum pricing liquor law rule, which he and like-minded thinkers view as price fixing and detrimental to business in the state.

The governor is now in the final innings of his last term, and seems just as determined as ever to forge a change that would allow retailers to sell alcoholic products at prices below statutorily specified bottoms.

Proper ways to handle encroachment

Though you hope to be at peace with your neighbors, issues may arise over time. In certain instances, such as cases of encroachment, it is important for landowners to understand their rights in regards to real estate.

If a neighbor is infringing on your land, you should consider your options before acting. There are a few different ways to handle encroachment.

Current Bridgeport focus: liquor outlet zoning rules

Any person needing confirmation that municipal zoning relevant to liquor outlets and sales can be thorny and contentious business need look no further these days than Bridgeport. A recent media spotlighting of an ongoing dispute in that city notes that it is "so controversial that the [city] planning department is seeking a consultant's perspective."

We allude to liquor law's complexities on our website at Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven. We note therein that detailed state and federal regulations already on the books are often rendered even more complicated by an "intersection of local zoning, fire and health regulations."

Should smaller businesses start making plans in wake of tax cuts?

Principals of small and medium-sized businesses in Connecticut and across the country have pined for years for reduced tax levies on their companies. They routinely note that tax law changes salutary to businesses will enable them to buy more equipment, expand operations and hire additional workers.

Should they act now on their inclination to do so, in the wake of recent federal tax cuts announced by the Trump administration?

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