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March 2017 Archives

Considerations relevant to sale/purchase of alcohol-related business

Most readers of our New Haven business and commercial legal blog at Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, likely know intuitively -- if not from personal experience -- that some quite singular variables exist relevant to the purchase/sale of any Connecticut business that sells alcohol.

Complex niche area of legal representation: liquor law

Even lay persons and business principals who are not even remotely involved with the liquor industry in any capacity in Connecticut or elsewhere across the country likely have some appreciation for just how complex and closely regulated it is.

Why proven attorney input is key regarding a commercial lease

Most of our readers have likely executed a residential lease sometime during their lives with a landlord. Perhaps not much comes readily to mind concerning any material complexity that attached to that document. Indeed, many residential lease contracts are so-called boilerplate instruments that don't leave much -- if any -- negotiating wiggle room for a tenant.

Helping children turn the page after your divorce

Divorce is not easy for anyone, and children have their own unique issues when the family unit breaks apart. However, you can help them over the rough spots and make sure they transition as smoothly as possible into this new chapter in their lives. While at first it may be difficult or at least awkward, working out a plan with your ex-spouse to help your children adjust to life between two parents and two homes is now a priority.

Are you planning to open a microbrewery?

Microbreweries, or craft breweries as they are sometimes called, are extremely popular in Connecticut. There are dozens upon dozens of microbreweries, brewpubs and contract brewers representing more than $569 million in craft beer revenue. There are more brewing companies in the planning stages, and if you are about to join that group, here are a few items you should have on your to-do list.

Family law realm: a wide universe, with both simple, complex issues

We necessarily note for our readers and diverse clientele across Connecticut that family law is seldom a do-it-yourself proposition. The issues that arise from family-based interactions across a wide spectrum of concerns can be dauntingly complex.

Who is eligible for Connecticut's 'simple divorce'?

While divorce can be a lengthy, complex process, it doesn't have to be. If you meet certain requirements, it's possible to get a divorce finalized in 35 days or less in Connecticut. This can be an ideal solution for couples who haven't been married very long and don't have children or significant assets.

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