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Complex niche area of legal representation: liquor law

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Business Formation & Planning |

Even lay persons and business principals who are not even remotely involved with the liquor industry in any capacity in Connecticut or elsewhere across the country likely have some appreciation for just how complex and closely regulated it is.

And for industry players (participants ranging from beverage makers, wholesaler entities and suppliers to owners/managers of package stores, restaurants, bars, hotels and other retailers), dealing with the tight oversight — the rules, regulations, ordinances, zoning laws, labeling mandates and scores of other matters — is a daily and sometimes daunting reality.

The bottom line with virtually everything associated with alcoholic beverages in Connecticut and nationally is that it comes in for closest scrutiny from bureaucrats, regulators and law enforcement officials.

Which means this: Any business player that centrally looks to liquor-derived sales to drive profits needs ready and knowledgeable access to proven legal counsel that intimately understands the industry and can promote best-case outcomes.

As we note on our website at the New Haven law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, having truly experienced counsel on board “is your best protection against costly surprises and delays.”

Attorney Peter Berdon has represented clients from across the virtual entirety of the liquor industry for well more than a quarter century, with his bona fides in this specialized niche area being amply evidenced by the various positions and memberships he has held in many industry groups and organizations.

At Berdon, Young & Margolis, we diligently strive for optimal client outcomes in every matter we undertake, whether it involves some aspect of state, federal or local law or — as is often the case — an intersection of all three.

The end result of any liquor-related outcome for an industry client is routinely important to a fundamental degree. Our attorneys are ever-vigilant in recognizing that and in zealously striving for solutions that better the bottom line for the individuals and businesses we represent.