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A realm unto itself: property division in a Connecticut divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Family Law |

“What works best for the life I am embarking on?”

That is a question we pose on a page of our website at the long-established New Haven law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC. We suggest therein to our diverse and valued family law clients that they timely ask it of themselves and duly reflect upon it during the divorce process.

The reasons why are many and can involve complex considerations, especially when they relate to something as singular and multilayered as property division.

We didn’t mince words when we noted in our March 8 blog post that an equitable division of assets in a Connecticut divorce can be “dauntingly complex.”

Moreover, it can be ridden with stress and acrimony in select instances, especially when marital wealth is significant and widely sourced. As we stressed in the above-cited blog entry, a well-heeled marital dissolution can involve assets ranging from myriad savings/investment accounts and realty holdings to family businesses and personal property across a broad dimension.

Any given divorce case is obviously different from all others, of course. In one instance, it might be a relatively simple matter to deal with all relevant aspects of property division, especially when a marriage was fleeting in tenure and not centrally marked by asset accumulation.

In other cases, though, a court might be tasked to deal with a number of overriding and complicated issues. What comprises marital-versus-separate property in a decoupling, for example? Does a prenuptial agreement exist that addresses asset division and, if so, was it executed in a manner sufficient to pass judicial scrutiny in Connecticut? How long did the marriage last? Are there children — and related considerations — from any prior marriages?

Our attorneys intimately appreciate from decades of collective on-point experience the special focus and advocacy required of legal counsel intent on providing diligent and empathetic representation to clients in Connecticut divorces featuring complex asset division considerations.

We welcome readers’ questions and concerns regarding this special realm of family law, as well as the opportunity to bring our knowledge and acumen to bear on behalf of every client that needs our help.