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Do you need an attorney for a simple divorce?

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In the state of Connecticut, there are a couple of options if you and your spouse want to pursue the easiest and least stressful divorce possible. The Nonadversarial Divorce, or “Non-ad”, is the most basic of the two, but you might also consider the Divorce With Agreement if you and your spouse agree on all the issues involved with breaking up the marriage.

While it is possible to proceed along either path without legal assistance, an attorney experienced with the state laws can answer any questions you have, help you choose wisely and smooth the way forward.

Eligibility for the Non-Ad Divorce

You may qualify for the Nonadversarial Divorce if you have been married for eight years or less, are not pregnant and do not have children who were either born to you or adopted by you during the course of your marriage. You must affirm that neither of you has an interest in or title to real property and that the value of any property you do own amounts to less than $35,000. Further stipulations are that neither of you has a pending bankruptcy, receives or is applying for Medicaid, and neither of you has a benefit pension plan. You will have to file a joint petition for the dissolution of your marriage and complete several other forms, including a financial affidavit.

Opting for the Divorce With Agreement

In Connecticut, the normal waiting period for a divorce to be final is 90 days. However, if you and your spouse are on the same page with all the issues surrounding your divorce, you might want to consider the Divorce With Agreement. Subject to the availability of the court, this option permits you to obtain the divorce as soon as you wish. There are, however, several forms to complete and file with the court, including the Motion to Waive Statutory Time Period.

Seeking legal help

Divorce is a serious undertaking, and you want to be sure you cover all the bases once you decide to go to the next chapter in your lives. Seeking the knowledge, expertise and advice of a dedicated family law and divorce attorney will help you resolve any issues that might arise and move ahead with confidence.