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Is your business prepared to respond to shifting scenarios?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2017 | Business Formation & Planning |

As a proven business entrepreneur in Connecticut or elsewhere, you likely have a checklist of traits that closely define you.

For starters, you’re obviously driven to success. You are resilient, resourceful, work well with deadlines and under pressure, command people skills and without doubt possess strong acumen regarding money matters.

And then there’s this: You wouldn’t have lasted long in your competitive world if you didn’t know how to spot risks, think in an inexorably forward-leaning fashion and duly anticipate and respond accordingly to both challenges and the opportunities they often bring.

A recent report from the national publication Accounting Today suggests that you might reasonably have to rely upon that risk-and-opportunity-spotting skill more than ever in the upcoming weeks and months that remain in 2017, and for very good reason.

To wit: Capitol Hill is abuzz with activity that signals material change in the business world, especially given the Trump administration’s clearly expressed emphasis on driving down corporate taxes and taking other actions that will closely affect the commercial realm.

Are you ready for the changes? Have you given due thought to the possibilities that might unfold? Is your enterprise positioned to act purposefully and quickly to stave off new risks and to take advantage of rising opportunities?

Accounting Today notes that “tax reform is afoot” and could bring big changes for many businesses. The publication stresses that “certain elections and certain positions should be maximized this year before the tax law changes.”

If the corporate tax rate does indeed plummet, as is being projected by many commentators, do you and your business managers have sound ideas in place for how — as well as why and when — you want to see your enterprise respond to take best advantage of new realities?

The business climate in the United States is currently marked by both uncertainty and an imminently exciting potential.

Forward-thinking enterprises will be poised to profit from that.