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July 2017 Archives

How parents can avoid conflict when a new school year starts

Regardless of  whether you kids are still be happy with being out of school or are bouncing off the wall with boredom, a new school year will be like life starting all over again. With new classmates, new teachers and new expectations, it may take a while for some kids to adjust to all this change. At the same time, some parents, especially those going through divorces or relationship changes, could be stressed out as well.

How do you responsibly manage your alimony after divorce?

In some divorce cases, alimony is awarded. Alimony is often called spousal support, but they function in the same way: one spouse pays another spouse for either a temporary or indefinite amount of time to alleviate any financial hardship that could occur as a result of the divorce.

The worst things divorcees want to hear from you

Going through a divorce may produce a range of emotions for you. Announcing it may produce a range of responses as well. Some may be very sincere, others may be downright stupid. Nevertheless, you are going to have to deal with them. In the meantime, it is helpful to know what’s coming from those who don’t have a good sense of decorum, or any class.

Company learns hard lesson regarding employment offers

It must sometimes seem to company principals, office managers and HR specialists working in business enterprises in Connecticut and across the country that landmines -- at least figuratively -- confront them at all times as they go about their job duties.

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