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How parents can avoid conflict when a new school year starts

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | Family Law |

Regardless of  whether you kids are still be happy with being out of school or are bouncing off the wall with boredom, a new school year will be like life starting all over again. With new classmates, new teachers and new expectations, it may take a while for some kids to adjust to all this change. At the same time, some parents, especially those going through divorces or relationship changes, could be stressed out as well.

In these instances, parents going through changes in their romantic relationship must remember that they are still parents. This means that they must still work together for the benefit of their children. So in the midst of the beginning of a new school year, parents should adhere to the following tips.

Put your personal differences aside – While you may not be able to stand being around or speaking to your ex, it is critical that you put your personal differences aside to support your children. As we alluded to earlier, they may already be under a considerable amount of stress, so they don’t need any additional  anxiety that comes with uncertainty between their parents.

Keep the other parent in the loop – Parents often become angry when they are not given information about the child’s schedule or when important information is kept from them. To avoid this scenario, parents must make sure that they are both listed as contacts.

Make sure the school is informed – In the same vein, the school must be informed that it must send information to both parents if they do not live under the same roof.

If you have questions about legal actions that may be taken if needed, an experienced family law attorney can help.