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Survey: entrepreneurial spirit alive and well across the U.S.

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2017 | Business Formation & Planning |

Entrepreneurial drive is something that is arguably — at least figuratively — in the core DNA of many Americans, with the country having long been defined and known globally for its pioneering spirit.

Intimately coupled with that spirit is, of course, a sense of business adventurism, that is, a belief collectively held by legions of people in Connecticut and across the United States that they can forge out on their own and prosper through smarts and hard work.

That has always come with one prominent caveat, of course, namely this: the opportunity for success must be coupled by the availability of funding and access to relevant business tools and resources.

As much as that was true decades — even centuries — ago, it rings equally true these days, as evidenced by recent survey findings revealing an adventurous mindset and tandem willingness to take reasoned risks that seemingly features across a wide swath of the American public.

The cited survey took a look at multiple generations of Americans “to better understand how [they] view and approach entrepreneurship.”

Generally, and in a word, that is this way: boldly.

In fact, survey responses indicate that more than 40% of Americans would walk away from their current jobs and take a stab at starting their own businesses in a veritable heart beat “if they had the right tools and resources.”

Those employment assists do in fact exist, with one of them centrally being the on-point counsel and advocacy that a proven business law firm can provide on material legal points — ranging broadly from business entity formation and contract execution to financing, lawful tax avoidance and myriad other matters — that are centrally important to a business start-up and its growth.

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