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Want to avoid costly divorce errors? Avoid doing this.

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2017 | Divorce |

Divorce myth “1:” It’s pretty much all the same.

Any person who has had any connection with divorce (and that of course comprises scores of millions of Americans) knows that no two marital dissolutions are the same.

In fact, far more dissimilarity features between any two given decouplings in Connecticut and elsewhere than do common aspects that link them.

“Everyone’s situation is different, and everyone’s case is different.”

So says one writer on family law in an article stressing that, among all the varying characteristics operative in divorce, a host of factors generally exist that especially separate high-net-worth divorces from others where a lesser threshold of wealth is involved.

There’s that sheer magnitude, of course. Commentator Joey Battah duly stresses the “large amount of money, property, businesses, assets and other items [that] are at stake” in divorces where equitable property division might feature a yacht or fleet of luxury vehicles just as easily as it does a mainstream 401(k) account.

In such decouplings, it can literally pay for a divorce client to secure a seasoned legal professional for assistance with all the buzz and clutter.

Battah notes the singular complexities that mark the divorce process when the above-cited stakes are high. Assets need to be found, valued and fairly distributed. Due — and timely — attention needs to be focused on tax implications. Myriad matters that might also feature in other divorces of more modest dimensions are obviously writ large where high net worth is on display.

Not all divorce lawyers are equally seasoned — that is, tried, tested and thoroughly knowledgeable — when it comes to high-asset representation.

Finding one who is — and avoiding one who isn’t — can go far toward safeguarding a client’s due share of assets and fully promoting his or her interests throughout the divorce process.