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Café loses liquor license over consistent complaints

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | Business Litigation |

Just weeks ago, Hartford bar had its liquor license revoked for being a “consistent source of complaints” and following a shooting in July. During the summer shooting, a woman was injured, and the event spawned an investigation by the Connecticut liquor control division, which led to a temporarily suspended license. During the suspension, the business was shut down while further investigations took place.

Fast forward a few months and the bar was able to reopen but without a liquor license in place. This decision was due to the consistent complaints people in the surrounding neighborhood make about the bar. They cited their quality of life as being affected by the local bar.

Steps to take after a revoked business liquor license

Following the unfortunate news that a business liquor license has been suspended or revoked, there are some steps a business owner may take to work towards getting their license back.

  1. Cooperate fully with the Department of Consumer, Liquor Control Commission, any city or government departments, and local police if they are involved.
  2. Contact a knowledgeable business lawyer in liquor licensing to ensure rights and business laws are being upheld throughout the process.
  3. Accept and follow any feedback given from the neighborhood, city, and organizations involved to help reduce issues and avoid future complaints.
  4. Ask about the business staying open without a liquor license during the suspension period—but weigh your options carefully between being open without serving liquor vs. the cost of being open.
  5. Know when you can apply for a license again.
  6. Prepare the paperwork and be aware of necessary steps. An attorney can help this process go smoothly and ensure the right legal steps are taken.

Losing a liquor license may take a significant hit on a business and is best avoided at all costs. If it does affect business, knowing the steps to take during the probation or revoked period can help ensure a smoother process to getting the business back on its feet.