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Connecticut in running to score defense dollars, new jobs

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Business Formation & Planning |

A piece of the pie.

When it comes to national defense spending, that is what Connecticut legislators on Capitol Hill want after the smoke clears on “who gets what” and a final announcement is made regarding money disbursements under the National Defense Authorization Act.

Unsurprisingly, everything about the NDAA is big, which is typically the case with subject matter centered on military might and the resources required to sustain it.

State politicians like Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Joe Courtney (both Democrats) have been spending a lot of time thinking about submarines, fighter jets, helicopters and high-tech engines over the past couple years.

And now they and a legion of pro-business advocates hope to see major projects involving those key defense items coming Connecticut’s way.

Indeed, that might be the case, with NDAA details now being largely finalized and soon to be scrutinized formally in both the U.S. Senate and House chambers.

The hard numbers currently linked with Connecticut are unquestionably impressive. President Trump’s signature on the bill as it currently exists would authorize an influx of more than $20 billion for Connecticut-based military projects.

Obviously, the effects of that would be pronounced across the state, and lawmakers are determined to see the benefits realized.

“Congress must commit to passing this strong defense bill without delay,” said Blumenthal recently.

As a Hartford Courant article stresses, the economic ripples of landing multiple high-dollar military projects would be notably widespread.

The publication notes that, in addition to major defense contractors profiting in a huge way from new DOD authorizations, “thousands of small manufacturers” supporting companies like Electric Boat, Sikorsky and Pratt & Whitney would improve their business fortunes as well.