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Lots of divorce-related things to think about: here’s one

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | Divorce |

Certainly the mind of any individual readying for divorce is preoccupied with many things.

A Connecticut resident seeking to end his or her marriage might be centrally focused on the kids and a host of considerations relevant to their best interests.

Alternatively, and in the event a marriage has not produced children, a focal point of concern might rest upon an equitable division of marital property.

Then again, the future of a family business might be at stake. Other matters, too, can assume strong significance, such as alimony, tax considerations, estate planning tie-ins to marital dissolution and more.

In many instances, states a writer in a recent divorce-themed article for a national publication, one concern of fundamental must-do importance can trump all other considerations.

And that is this: the need to carefully think about and then act upon assembling a strong professional divorce team to help drive an optimal dissolution outcome.

Only rarely, notes that writer, “is the team as robust as it should be.”

Such a team logically begins, stresses financial adviser/writer Rob Clarfeld in the above-cited Forbes piece, with “retaining an experienced matrimonial attorney.”

And that makes sense, given that the proven and on-point input of an experienced family law attorney will inform a client’s strategies and related decisions on virtually every divorce-related matter.

Additionally, though, legal counsel can help identify instances where bolstered professional help can greatly assist a client. One example: hiring a forensic accountant to locate and value marital assets that aren’t readily discoverable.

Having “a deep reservoir of relevant experience” on a divorce team in matters that are comparatively complex or otherwise challenging can go far towering promoting a client’s bottom line, stresses Clarfeld.