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No time like the present to revisit the company handbook

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

Experienced commercial law attorneys promoting the best interests of business owners routinely focus on matters across a wide universe of concerns.

We note on our website at the New Haven law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis, for example, that we assist our valued clients with matters ranging from formation issues and financing to dispute resolution and employment-linked considerations.

As to that latter element, we stress that employment handbooks can be a core focus for any business principal. Handbooks are foundational documents for most companies and go-to sources for securing answers on fundamentally important matters.

As such, they need to be duly comprehensive and legally sound in their particulars and application.

A recent article on a rapidly changing American labor law landscape and its implications for handbooks stresses that many companies likely don’t pay enough attention to their handbooks. Moreover, they can easily fall into the trap of “cookie-cutter” drafting that does not properly address employees’ concerns. A handbook can actually increase rather than reduce legal risks for business owners when that is the case.

The aforementioned piece notes that 2018 will likely bring many changes for companies in Connecticut and nationally on the employment law front, marked predominantly by increased proactivity at state and local levels. Many commentators believe that a flurry of new regulations will be authored outside the federal system that touch upon key matters ranging from anti-harassment policies to revised wage-and-hour requirements.

Such changes might reasonably spur a timely and careful response from business owners who want to safely stay a step ahead of new workplace expectations and legal challenges.

A proven employment law attorney can help with that response.