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What’s trending in 2018? Where is American business headed?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

The U.S. business landscape is frenetic, evolving and complex.

Indeed, it always has been, right? Company entrepreneurs in Connecticut and nationally have had a constant and sharp focus on profit-making opportunities since the nation’s birth. Roads to explore both figuratively and literally lead in all directions, and bright minds have always been eager to travel them.

The 21st century has obviously brought new and exciting opportunities to the domestic and global business realm, with American ideas and enterprises often leading exploratory attempts to define the business world in fundamentally new ways.

What’s on the horizon for 2018?

A recent Harvard Business Review analysis offers up some interesting observations on how business changes and trends are rapidly changing the way in which the world operates. The piece refers to a “great business remix” of recent years and the material ways in which it is impacting people’s daily lives.

Foremost, states the Review, big changes wrought by cross-border interactions and spiking technological advances have redefined how many company principals think and act. A new flux has “forced firms to reshuffle the cards they hold and remix the ownership of assets in the economy.”

What that might mean for a select Connecticut company, for example, is its perceived need to seek out new partners — through, say, a merger or joint venture — in entities that essentially operate in different spheres. The recent vertical merger of CVS and Aetna in the health care realm is an example, with the obvious intent of their coupling being to create an entirely new asset mix.

What’s going on in the health care arena is being duplicated elsewhere, with new combinations being explored in the tech world, the transportation field, retail and more. The opportunities in both the near and intermediate future seem limitless.

And businesses are absolutely pursuing them. Reportedly, global M&A deals have totaled more than 50,000 for three consecutive years.