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2 divorce myths you should ignore

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2018 | Blog |

If you have recently announced to your friends and family that you and your spouse are separating, chances are you are getting a ton of Connecticut divorce advice. Divorce is something that many people have misleading information on. Chances are, your friends and family are offering you plenty of tips to help guide and support you all throughout the process. Though they might mean well, you might want to be a bit cautious about the advice you heed. 

No two divorce situations are entirely the same. Regardless of how similar some of your friends’ situations may seem to yours, tactics that worked well for them might not work for you. Here are some myths that could hurt your divorce outcome:

Myth #1: I get to keep the house because it is in my name 

You might have purchased the marital home on your own before you got married. However, that does not necessarily mean you get to keep it in the divorce. At the start of your relationship, the house was probably still separate property. In divorce, the judge will split the house or its value into what is fair. The courts use a variety of factors to determine how to classify and divide marital assets

Myth #2: Why fight for custody, the mom is going to win 

Traditionally, mothers have received primary custody of their kids. Now, more fathers are becoming custodial parents because the law finally recognizes the benefits of allowing children to have equal time with their parents. When choosing the custodial parent, the courts focus on the best interests of the children in addition to using other criteria. If they determine that neither parent poses a risk to the best interests of the kids and are fit to raise them, then both parents share custody. 

There is nothing wrong with your friends and family giving you advice about divorce. Before you follow any of it, you should verify it with your legal counsel first.