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Employment law issues in the workplace can fast lead to litigation

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Business owners and upper-tier company executives in Connecticut enterprises obviously covet managers that are fast thinking and proactive in responding to workplace challenges.

Ironically, though, such workers can sometimes be the source of work-linked problems when they take matters into their own hands. That is, their proactivity can aggravate a dispute or other contentious matter rather than resolve it.

That is a key takeaway from a recent article authored in a publication produced by the national Society for Human Resource Management. That piece stresses that managers sometimes think “they’ve found brilliant solutions to workplace disputes when in fact they’re putting the employer at risk.”

It’s easy to see why and how that could happen. American workplaces from Connecticut to California operate under a slew of local, state and federal rules and standards, which make for collective complexity at work. When a dispute arises, a manager not taking all applicable laws and processes into consideration might act precipitously – and wrongly.

The repercussions from that can be starkly adverse for a business. Workers that believe laws were violated in matters ranging from on-the-job harassment or discrimination to unlawful termination or myriad other matters often seek to take their grievances to court.

Companies are generally averse to that, of course. Lawsuits are time-consuming and energy-draining exercises for businesses. Their fundamental unpredictability can also lead to massive liability headaches and high costs for an enterprise.

The bottom line espoused in the above SHRM article stresses the need for business managers to eschew taking action on their own to dampen disputes in lieu of promptly notifying HR professionals of any material business challenge.

Of course, that is easier said than done. Moreover, company human-resource departments are frequently challenged themselves by workplace matters having legal dimensions.

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