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Divorce-linked outcome of a family home often a threshold concern

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Divorce |

A central point that is repeatedly conveyed concerning divorce in Connecticut and nationally is that every decoupling is unique, presenting its own singular set of opportunities and challenges.

Despite that given, though, legions of divorces – notwithstanding their distinctive aspects from case to case – share some common elements. Many couples have kids of course, with their interests obviously being paramount in any dissolution. In such cases, custody, parenting plans and visitation are core concerns. Child – and sometimes spousal – support loom large as divorce topics. So too does property division, with an equitable division of assets between soon-to-be exes often being a top-shelf divorce concern.

Complexity can reign in a major way where asset distribution is on the agenda for spouses who are splitting up. We note that on our website at Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven, where a mainstay practice area of our long-tenured law firm is on focused and best-results oriented advocacy of the firm’s valued and diverse divorce clientele.

Indeed, we stress that divorcing parties sometimes “fail to appreciate the value of an asset, the expense of maintaining it or [the] tax consequences of either retaining or allowing one’s spouse to keep it.”

That is often acutely true concerning a family business or commercial realty owned by a couple as marital property.

It is also frequently the case with a family home, which commands a special status from a financial and, often, emotional standpoint.

A most fundamental question often emerges for many divorcing spouses regarding the family residence, namely this: What do we do with it?

That is an elemental query that usually yields anything but an easy and boilerplate answer. One national report on the treatment of a family home in the divorce process rightly notes that solutions vary from case to case, being highly dependent on factors that are flatly unique for every divorcing couple.

Experienced divorce attorneys well-grounded in complex asset division matters routinely help clients work their way through analysis of relevant “home” questions en route to best-case outcomes.

We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss our diligent representation of clients in wide-ranging family law matters, including the divorce-linked identification, accurate valuation and fair division of real property and other marital assets.