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Is the time right to act on your entrepreneurial dream?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

A national business article from last week makes a number of interesting points. Its most notable takeaway is perhaps its stressed observation that, “There’s never been a better time to be a small business owner.”

If you’re an entrepreneurial spirit in Connecticut or elsewhere with spark and energies to match, hearing that might just get those creative juices flowing.

The factors driving optimism among start-up business players are many. The American economy has always been resilient and adaptable, with those traits being strongly evidenced now. Recent government moves have put more money into the hands of company principals, which is being used to further spur their growth. Material indicators collectively signal good things for the future.

Small business owners and wannabees are clearly attuned to the pro-growth signals. A survey that tracks commercial activity nationally indicates a widespread optimism previously unmatched in its measuring data.

If you’re a commercial visionary on the outside looking in, should all the “go” indicators be influencing you to now take the steps to realize your business vision?


And maybe not, at least not before thoroughly doing the due diligence required to fine tune a business idea and turn it into a profitable venture.

In other words, and notwithstanding the current tailwinds buoying the business community, there’s work to be done for any would-be business winner. The above business piece duly notes that and spotlights some key tasks that require the attention of any entrepreneur.

Getting to work on that business plan is step one for virtually all potential business entrants. It will be your company’s “guiding document for all business decisions” and a barometer for articulating and implementing strategy. Moreover, it can be the instrument that sufficiently impresses key third parties – like lenders, suppliers and potential partners – to contribute to your company’s success.

A seasoned legal team can help in comprehensive and fundamental ways with that, as well as with many other key matters relevant to start-up concerns.

There is a long list of things to think about, ranging from foundational contract creation, formation decisions and hiring to financing, intellectual property protection, tax/insurance matters and more.

Proven commercial attorneys can help identify areas of concern and opportunity and thereafter work diligently to promote a client’s best interests at both the birth of a business and as hard-earned success becomes a reality.