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Title search and title insurances issues relevant to a home

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2018 | Real Estate Transactions |

A full-service real estate attorney can provide seamless and comprehensive service for a Connecticut home buyer, who obviously seeks comfort concerning a major life investment.

Buying a home entails many concerns. Proven legal counsel is uniquely well placed to offer input on relevant forms and documentation (especially boilerplate realtor purchase agreements, which can be incomplete and/or otherwise inadequate in many respects). An experienced real estate lawyer can examine a property for defects and other potentially problematic conditions.

Buyer’s counsel can also offer input on earnest-money issues and matters that can arise during the closing process. Financing-linked questions and concerns that require legal acumen to evaluate and resolve also commonly occur in connection with a home purchase.

And then there are issues that surround title searches and insurance. Many prospective home purchasers understandably fail to give close thought to tittle-linked concerns that might attach to a desired home and property. It is not uncommon for home buyers to simply assume that a home’s title is free and clear, especially when financing seems unrestricted and the seller unencumbered in any respect.

If a title exists and a seller is willing to transfer it for cash, what problem could possibly exist with it?

Actually, legions of buyers across the country routinely find out in the wake of a home purchase that one or more defects attach to a property title. The result in some instances is that a buyer’s possession and use rights over his or her home and land might be limited or otherwise comprised. Additionally, and absent insurance, liability can attach for home-linked problems that existed long before the most recent home purchase.

An experienced real estate attorney’s help with a title search and the securing of title insurance can be instrumental in helping a buyer protect against key home-based risks. We will provide further details in our next blog post.