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Some background info re October’s focus on domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Divorce |

There are of course myriad factors that can materially contribute to tensions and challenges in the family law universe.

Domestic abuse is one of them.

Family-linked violence is a sad and too-often prevalent reality behind the doors of many American homes, and it can serve as a core catalyst in divorce filings.

The fundamental question surrounding domestic abuse in Connecticut and nationally is narrow and simply posed, namely this: How often does it occur?

Empirical on-point statistics are not encouraging. Reportedly, about one-quarter of all women in the United States have been abused by a partner. Men, too, are not immune, with close to 15% of them citing partner-inflicted violence.

The dimensions of that scourge are frightening, indeed. Moreover, they are being increasingly recognized and spotlighted. One example of that is October’s designation each year as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

A recent article on the subject matter underscores the following two elemental points concerning the disheartening reality of home-based abuse.

The first is this: There is no one-size-fits-all targeted group. Abuse “spans socioeconomic and cultural demographics.”

The second point equally addresses the fluid and hard-to-categorize nature of domestic violence. It is obvious that abuse has occurred when a beaten and battered individual shows up at a police station or shelter. Abuse can also occur, though, absent physical evidence. Abusers can inflict emotional damage, degrade a partner sexually, stalk and harass, threaten friends and other loved ones and engage in financial exploitation. Indeed, violence takes many forms.

And it unfortunately rises to a material level that in some instances mandates a legal response. Questions or concerns regarding domestic abuse can be directed to a proven and empathetic family law attorney.