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Implications for Connecticut re Amazon’s second headquarters?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

Does a new Amazon headquarters have to be physically located in Connecticut to benefit the state’s economy?

Not hardly, say subject-matter insiders. They flatly stress that the so-called Amazon HQ2 — the company’s highly publicized second headquarters, with a location expected to be announced soon — ending up anywhere near Connecticut will have dramatically positive effects on the state’s economy and workforce.

An online story published in Hartford Business earlier today cites reports from multiple national news sources that Amazon is strongly considering bifurcating HQ2 via dual campuses in Northern Virginia and on Long Island, respectively. The new headquarters is expected to generate billions in construction revenues and result in the hiring/training of approximately 50,000 high-tech workers.

Connecticut will benefit materially if that outcome is realized, say commentators, and in many ways.

For starters, there would likely be a “trickle down” effect from the business giant’s hiring efforts, with many well-trained Connecticut employees scoring jobs. Many of those workers could simply commute back and forth to work; Hartford Business notes that Queens is not that remote from multiple locations inside Connecticut.

Moreover, a new, huge and pulsing information technology presence on the East Coast will attract reams of new talent and business firms to the region. Joe Brennan, who is CEO of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, says that an Amazon-in-Queens reality will “create new synergies” that broadly put Connecticut and adjoining states “on the map for tech jobs and tech companies.”

Notwithstanding predictions or stated likelihoods, all is conjecture presently regarding a final Amazon determination. Reportedly, the company could make a major announcement within the week.