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Some key considerations regarding Connecticut child support

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Family Law |

Fixed yet variable.

That is a suitably apt description for the contours of child support in Connecticut. We note on our website at the established New Haven family law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis that, while a set formula largely governs support outcomes, “the court can [also] allow flexibility for certain circumstances.”

That fluidity in the subject matter – the predictability yet variability in a given case – often makes it necessary for a divorcing spouse to timely seek help from proven family law counsel. On-point and persuasively presented input to a judge concerning reasons for guideline deviations can often secure favorably modified outcomes for a client.

There are many reasons why a child support recipient or payer might reasonably seek adjustment to a court’s original support order. One or both of those persons might suffer a job dislocation. Perhaps an unforeseen – and costly – medical problem arises. A child could develop a special-needs condition. Relocation to another state for work or family support is sometimes necessary.

How custody is worked out is also a key factor underscoring a Connecticut court’s support determination. We specifically spotlight joint custody on our firm’s website, noting that a judge often sees fit to deviate from customary support guidelines in shared-parenting situations.

The bottom line with Connecticut child support is that, notwithstanding its judicially set-in-stone look and feel, creative and flexible outcomes can often be fashioned.

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