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CT Gov. Lamont’s business stance/agenda attracting attention

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Business Formation & Planning |

Let’s see, there’s the former PepsiCo chairman/CEO. And an ex-Goldman Sachs principal. They are augmented by a man termed by the Hartford Courant as a hedge fund “goliath.” His apparent passion and commercial acumen are added to by other proven business performers.

All told, notes the Courant in a recent article, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont seems to have surrounded himself with a “cadre of power players” who have new and strong ideas to better the state’s economic landscape.

Needed improvement has been a spotlighted concern across Connecticut in recent years, and voiced by diverse parties spanning the political and commercial spectrum. Lamont openly and frequently points to his strong pro-business focus and its goal of jumpstarting an economy that has been challenged for some time. He says that “there are a lot of people around this state that feel like there’s an economy leaving them behind.”

One stated goal of the governor’s administration is to foster policies and growth that stress a move away from strictly “Hartford-centric” planning. Lamont’s team envisions state-wide economic betterment, and across a broad front.

Education is one focus. One planning insider (Ray Dalio, the above-cited hedge fund titan) and his wife recently pledged a stunning $100 million donation for the improvement of the state’s public schools. New startups in diverse industries are in varied planning stages. And the Courant notes the goal of “modernizing the state’s crumbling transportation infrastructure.”

A number of commentators are weighing in with cautiously optimistic assessments of where the state might be heading economically.

Time will tell, of course, and be influenced by a number of factors. We’ll keep readers well informed of any material developments that arise.