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Scorched-earth tactics: not the only divorce option

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | Divorce |

Some divorcing spouses in Connecticut and elsewhere opt for a hard-ball strategy upon marriage termination. That hardly seems surprising in given cases, especially for couples whose years together were marked by stress and turmoil.

Some divorces simply need to be secured under the watchful eye of a family law judge. That is especially true where a splitting couple can scarcely agree on anything, much less something as important as their children’s best interests or a fair division of marital assets. We note on our website at the proven New Haven family law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis that acrimony and sharp divergences of opinion often increase commensurate with the complexity of a divorce.

Regardless of how complicated a decoupling is, though, legions of couples do manage to become exes without acting as embattled warriors throughout the divorce process. Doing so generally makes things easier for every party affected by divorce, especially a couple’s children.

Civility supplanting rancor often yields cheaper costs, too, and a faster resolution to material issues. And the efforts of adults to maintain emotional balance during a trying time can pay lasting post-divorce dividends for a family that still exists, even if in changed form. Bonds endure when bridges remain intact rather than being burned.

Those points are centrally stressed in a recent Forbes article. That piece spotlights factors “that can take the pain out of divorce” and help the dissolution process “run smoother for a financially, emotionally and physically improved outcome.”

Most divorcing couples logically seek that. Consultation with an experienced family law legal team can help them secure it.