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3 professionals you want for your business team

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Creating a start-up is an exciting endeavor that comes with many rewards. It also comes with risks, which is why it is important to start off on the right foot. You may have already formulated a business plan and maybe even secured financing. These are only a few of many important steps to solidify your business.

You also need the right team of professionals to succeed. Make sure you fill the following positions with qualified people who will support your company. Not only will their knowledge help you, but they will also free up your time for you to work on your business.

1. Certified financial planner

An accountant is not the same as a financial planner. Accountants take care of money matters such as preparing balance sheets and taxes. A financial adviser is someone who helps you properly manage your funds. A certified financial planner has completed the necessary education, passed rigorous exams and earned board certification. Look for a CFP in good standing for the best financial assistance.

2. Mentor

You may have done extensive research about being an entrepreneur, but that is no replacement for a coach or mentor on whom you can rely for answers, encouragement and guidance. Choose someone you trust and have a connection with, but who also has direct experience with your industry or business model. 

3. Human resources management

People will make or break a company. No matter how awesome a product or service is, it cannot succeed without a fantastic group of people behind it. Human resources help make the most of your human capital through the following ways:

  • Identifying gaps in the skills of current employees
  • Creating employee development plans
  • Managing the recruitment process
  • Encouraging intrapreneurship and innovation

While these resources are vital, there are more that may be beneficial to you depending on your business type. Put together a star team to ensure the longevity of your new company.