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The key role of a parenting plan in a Connecticut divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Divorce |

We duly note a point on our website at the proven Connecticut family law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis concerning children-linked divorce matters that we think virtually any reader will agree with.

And that is this: Where dissolution is involved, “it always comes down to the children and what’s right for them.”

It’s hard to argue against that view, right? Children are family law’s fragile and previous cargo, and parents – even impending exes with extreme rancor toward each other – want to selflessly do what’s best for their kids.

The central dictate in Connecticut and every other state is to fashion legal outcomes in family law disputes that promote affected children’s best interests.

Having noted that, though, it is fully reasonable at the same time to craft strategies that also equitably balance the interests of both divorcing mothers and fathers. Agreements that are broadly fair yield outcomes that will most likely benefit children in a best-case way.

Connecticut family law judges certainly subscribe to that view, which is notably apparent from their routine oversight and evaluation of divorce parenting plans. Those agreements are mutually worked out between divorcing spouses with children, serving as post-dissolution blueprints that guide families on important matters.

Parenting plans are highly varied among the legions of families that execute them, but often spotlight a handful or more of key matters that are of shared concern in most divorces. Those range from “how to handle” details relevant to visitation schedules, educational matters and health care to vacations/holidays, visits with relatives, child discipline and other key concerns.

An experienced family law legal team can provide information and input on parenting plans and related divorce matters involving children.