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What is the current state of Connecticut’s manufacturing sector?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Business Formation & Planning |

Good and bad. Up and down. Two steps forward and, well … .

We know that Connecticut readers of our business law blogs at the proven law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven can readily grasp from the opening paragraph in today’s entry where we’re headed with the subject matter.

The topic is Connecticut’s manufacturing sphere, specifically its relative health presently and emergent markers that reasonably indicate what the future points toward.

Commentators on the subject are multiple and offer a mixed bag of opinions.

Here’s one representative view, offered by a Connecticut Business & Industry Association lobbyist: Overall, he says, “the picture is very strong.”

Another take is offered by the president of an industrial concern, who points to a mixed manufacturing picture and outlook. Commenting on the sector, he says that, “I don’t think it’s growing, but it’s strong.”

And then there are insiders who underscore a wait-and-see approach. One of them notes that a delivered appraisal on Connecticut’s manufacturing clout and future will “depend on who you ask.”

Notwithstanding variances in opinion, one thing is quite clear and unanimously agreed upon concerning the state’s manufacturing picture, namely this: The realm has taken a hit in recent years, with fewer state residents training for and taking manufacturing jobs. The baby boomer-aged workforce is beginning to retire in a mass wave, which is creating a challenge for employers seeking to keep their businesses operating at full capacity.

Yet that now seems to be changing, especially with an influx of defense-linked employers (e.g., Pratt & Whitney and General Dynamics) now engaged in the state and actively scouting for qualified workers.

Reportedly, recent measurements of manufacturing production and factory output spotlight appreciable growth, which commentators duly point to as strong upside markers for the future.

Industry principals are hopeful that those indicators will continue to flash green.