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Federal Reserve Chair’s focus today is on CT’s business sphere

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Business Formation & Planning |

We referenced the bottom-line complexity of business in Connecticut and nationally in a recent Berdon, Young and Margolis blog post. We noted in our firm’s November 11 entry that most discussions on commercial challenges and opportunities must ultimately acknowledge that “the business realm is just a complicated arena.”

The successive dips and upswings evidenced by Connecticut-tied commercial data amply bear that out. In fact, an informed conclusion concerning the state’s business health might reasonably gravitate toward either the positive or negative following consideration of the same information.

We also noted that in the above post.

To wit: Although significant headwinds concerning Connecticut’s short-term economic performance are spotlighted in a recent national report, key commercial sectors in the state reportedly “grew at a healthy rate in recent months.”

At any rate, regional economic concerns prevalent currently — across all of New England, not just Connecticut – are prompting Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to visit Connecticut today and meet with local business principals. Powell and other central bank leaders are slated to address a number of topics ranging from worker training/education to career development.

Although material variances in economic resiliency and performance are apparent in differing pockets of the country, Powell is decidedly upbeat concerning business traction and movement nationally.

The fed chief recently stressed to legislators that, “Looking ahead, my colleagues and I see a sustained expansion of economic activity.”

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