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Connecticut liquor law violations many, diverse

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Business Litigation |

Some business realms across Connecticut and nationally operate with a comparative lack of regulatory restrictions. That is, their owners and managers conduct their enterprises without having to routinely deal with a complex overlay of rules and regulations.

Others don’t reside in that camp, with government officials taking anything but a laissez faire approach to their existence and operations.

Take involvement in the liquor industry, for example, which is unquestionably a commercial sphere closely governed by myriad – and often exacting – mandates and controls.

We note the heavy regulatory spotlight on that business universe on our website at the long-tenured commercial law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven. We underscore therein “the application of complex state and federal laws and regulations, and often the intersection of local zoning, fire and health regulations” that feature in the liquor industry.

Candidly, it is easy for manufacturers and distributors to run afoul of dictates and confront legal challenges as a result.

Notably, too, the same is true for sellers (e.g., owners of package stores, bars and restaurants). Those individuals and businesses are under a constant close watch, with a ready potential existing for governmental action that brings fines, operating restrictions, license suspensions/revocations and additional penalties for alleged wrongdoing.

A recent article addressing Connecticut liquor license suspensions readily bears that out. That media report notes that 67 establishments spanning the state suffered license suspensions during 2019.

Their cited misconduct was diverse and wide-ranging. Penalties were meted out for the following (and additional offenses):

  • Gambling
  • Sales to minors
  • Fighting and linked disturbances
  • Minors in barrooms
  • Permit issues
  • Violations relevant to opening/closing hours and days

Berdon, Young & Margolis’ deep legal team routinely provides knowledgeable and results-driven representation to liquor industry participants facing regulatory challenges of any type. We welcome contacts to the firm to and the opportunity to discuss our informed and proven advocacy on behalf of valued and diverse clients from across Connecticut.