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Businesses must prioritize accessibility

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Business Litigation |

All businesses must ensure they comply with consumer’s rights. Federal law establishes that every consumer has the right to be safe on a business’s premises and when using their products. They also have the right to obtain information and voice their concerns.

It is essential to comply with these rights. It not only leads customers to return, but it also helps businesses avoid risky complaints and lawsuits. That is why business owners must make sure they protect all consumers’ rights – including their right to reasonable access.

Business owners cannot overlook accessibility

Most business owners should be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which:

  1. Bans employers from discriminating against employees based on disability; and
  2. Outlines explicit responsibilities for employers, such as providing reasonable accommodations.

However, business owners also have similar responsibilities to the public. The ADA requires businesses to be reasonably accessible to all individuals. Therefore, businesses must consider several details, such as:

  • Making sure their property complies with accessibility standards;
  • Eliminating any physical barriers, adding ramps and widening doorways; or
  • Allowing service animals on business properties.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in four adults in the United States lives with a disability. These individuals have civil rights and deserve access to the same services as anyone else.

The ADA applies to websites too

Technology advanced significantly in the past decade. It plays a large role in the business world, as well as each individual’s lives, as it makes services and knowledge more accessible than ever before.

That is why websites must meet accessibility guidelines as well. Connecticut requires government and state websites to meet specific accessibility requirements. However, it might be beneficial for business owners to review these requirements and ensure their websites meet them as well.

Doing so will help business owners ensure they provide services to all consumers, as well as avoid ADA lawsuits that could put the business at risk.