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3 tips for improving your chances of gaining custody

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Family Law |

When you and your spouse decided that you were going to divorce, you knew that your children were going to create a conflict between you. You want to have shared custody, but your spouse is seeking primary custody hoping that they’ll have your children the majority of the time.

In your opinion, you’re both good parents and should have equal access to your children. What can you do to prevent them from gaining primary custody? Is there something you can do to reduce their access if they continue to push for such a serious separation between you and your children?

3 tips to make yourself stand out as an excellent parent

It’s helpful if you can resolve your custody issues outside of court, because you and your spouse will retain more control over the possible outcomes. However, if you have to go to court, you can take steps to make a good impression on the judge.

Some of the things you may want to do include:

  1. Getting to know more about your kids. The more you know about your children, like their likes and dislikes, allergies, medical histories, friends, teachers and other topics will show that you take an active interest in their lives.
  2. Coming to court on time and dressed appropriately. Don’t forget that you can make a really great impression on a judge by showing up to court early or on time and wearing appropriate attire. Your first impression matters, because it shows that you take your time in court seriously. Speak respectfully, even if your spouse says negative things about you.
  3. Presenting a reasonable custody agreement. If you have to tell the judge what you’d like the custody schedule to be, being reasonable with your schedule will show how imbalanced the other parent’s ideas are. Suggesting a shared schedule or one slightly skewed in your favor may make you look reasonable and fair despite all you’ve been dealing with.

These are three things you may be able to do to help yourself stand out as a positive influence and great parent during court. The right approach to your case may help you get the custody arrangements you want.