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Custody Solutions With Your Child In Mind

Connecticut child custody law can get rough. If divorcing parents are unable to fashion an acceptable parenting plan, the court can intervene, sending an investigator into your home to assess your fitness to parent. The court may even appoint a guardian ad litem — an independent attorney to represent your child or children’s best interests in the proceedings. You may find yourself in the position of opposing your child’s own attorney, and on top of that, paying for the service.

Most custody cases don’t come to that extreme point, of course. Even when parents don’t see eye to eye, they can usually agree on a time-sharing plan that has the children’s best interests at heart.

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At Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, we provide energetic and thoughtful representation and counsel in matters relating to custody, visitation and disputes arising from these issues. We get involved when custodial parents seek to relocate to another area, representing either side in arriving at a workable, acceptable solution.

We represent clients seeking physical custody and joint legal custody. More and more, we are seeing cases in which parents share physical custody. Likewise, we represent both sides years after custody orders are filed, seeking modifications as the law requires.

What’s Best For The Children Is What’s Best For Everyone

In our experience, it always comes down to the children and what’s right for them. Talk to our family lawyers, and we will lay out your best options.

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