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Connecticut family courts will work to see that support orders meet your child’s needs, but it is possible they do not know all the unique details of your family life. An experienced divorce attorney, however, will see that all integral parts of your situation are factored into support orders and modifications.

Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC has provided the New Haven area with family law services for decades. In that time, we have represented an array of clients in child support and divorce matters. Our lawyers know how to protect your rights as a parent and look out for your best interests.

Know How The Details Affect Your Case

Connecticut uses a set formula to determine appropriate levels of financial support for children based upon the parents’ net income. At the same time, the court can allow flexibility for certain circumstances, including extraordinary health expenses and whether stepparents contribute financially. Connecticut courts also take joint custody into consideration and deviate from child support guidelines when issuing support orders. Shared custody orders are becoming more common.

Thorough Representation In Child Support Modification And Enforcement

Child support modification generally occurs when one or both parents experience a substantial change in income. Our lawyers are experienced in obtaining and defending against such modifications so that your children receive the financial support they deserve.

We also represent clients before the Family Support Division in child support enforcement cases. Whether you are threatened with being put in jail for nonpayment of support or you feel as though Support Enforcement is not doing enough, we are here to help.

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