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Divorce With A Minimum Of Tears

It’s a do-it-yourself age, and many people getting divorced take that route. With some divorces this makes sense; with others, it can be a case of “penny wise, pound foolish.”

You save on lawyer fees, but you can get hit hard in property division, child custody and other issues being negotiated. Why stumble through a process that you don’t understand? Let us help.

The Simple Divorce

At Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, we work every day with clients getting “simple divorces.” Simple divorces are different from other divorces. We don’t represent these clients in court, we simply advise them on the best steps to take through the process. We provide the level of assistance you need in your divorce, and no more.

Insight Into Complex Divorce Problems

We handle uncontested divorce cases and also contested divorce cases, in which we work to favorably resolve all outstanding issues:

Putting Our Knowledge To Work For Your Family

Our firm prides itself on its depth of legal knowledge and experience.

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