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Understanding Family Law And How We Can Help

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal matters. At Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, our New Haven lawyers have extensive experience aiding families through these issues. As they related to family law and divorce, some frequently asked questions our attorneys hear include:

Do I need a reason to get a divorce?

As with many states, Connecticut’s no-fault divorce laws allow spouses to legally dissolve their marriage without needing a justifiable reason to do so. Your reason for divorcing, if you have one, may remain private.

How does property division work in Connecticut?

This state is an equitable property state. So, all marital property obtained with marital assets during the marriage and prior to the official divorce will be divided according to the court’s perceived fairness. They may factor in each spouse’s contributions and any upkeep done to properties. If there are children, the court may also factor in which parent is the custodial parent.

How do courts determine child support?

Connecticut family courts follow specific guidelines for determining child support. These guidelines involve calculations derived from the parents’ net income and the various needs of the child.

Why do I need a lawyer for a divorce?

A lawyer will work to protect your rights; as a parent and a property owner. Additionally, you may struggle with balancing all divorce-related issues during a potentially lengthy process. An experienced divorce attorney will take on these responsibilities and provide peace of mind during a tough time.

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