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Prenuptial agreements: truth versus myth, Part 2

We noted in a post from last week that some of our readers across Connecticut and elsewhere likely “wince” when the family law topic of prenuptial agreements is breached. That is understandable, given that the subject matter of such contracts relates to topics that arise in the context of divorce.

Helpful tips for those considering prenuptial agreements

Wedding season is just around the corner. If you are tying the knot, considering a prenuptial agreement is not out of the ordinary. More people are getting married after developing a career and cultivating own wealth independent of their soon-to-be spouse. Also, those entering their second marriages may have continuing support obligations.

How a prenup can help a couple plan for their future together

Many people associate prenuptial agreements (prenups) with celebrity relationships—contracts between wealthy individuals who don’t necessarily expect the marriage to last forever. A prenup is seen as an agreement that says, “I love you right now, but if this ends badly, I don’t want you to get my money.”

Holidays can be difficult for divorcing parents

Divorce can be challenging at any time for spouses in Connecticut coming to the end of their marriages. However, the winter holidays can be a particularly difficult time for families during or soon after a divorce. This is especially true for couples dealing with issues of child custody, parenting plans and child support during the holiday season. Parents who are ending their marriages can take care of their children's emotional needs and provide a supportive family structure even as they develop parenting plans that look toward the future.

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