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Pass-through tax regulations painstakingly working toward finality

Famed 19th century German/Prussian ruler and aristocrat Otto von Bismarck is the alleged author of the remark (paraphrased) that, “Laws are like sausages; it’s better not to see them being made.”

What is asset-based lending, and can it benefit your business?

Are the financing options short and unattractive if your Connecticut business is at an incipient stage and lacking a proven credit history that lenders can rely upon? And does that also hold true for an already established company that has taken some hard competitive hits and is now dealing with serious restructuring issues?

New business law promising for millions of American entrepreneurs

Reportedly, more than 40 million independent workers run diverse businesses across the United States. That spans enterprises from bakeries, laundromats and auto garages to furniture movers, tax-preparation outlets and convenience stores.

Many business owners still harboring questions re new federal laws

It’s formally called the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Most owners of small and medium-sized businesses in Connecticut and nationally simply view it as legislation highly touted under the Trump administration and recently enacted as law that promises strong upsides for company owners and entrepreneurs.

Second time lucky? Self-serve alcohol machines again spotlighted

It’s not as though Connecticut lawmakers are trying to push a radical concept never before considered elsewhere in the country, or that their passage of a legislative bill would breed massive social unrest.

IRS makes major announcement concerning overseas-assets program

As experienced Connecticut business lawyers, we know at the proven commercial law firm of Berdon, Young & Margolis in New Haven that our diverse and valued clients routinely deal with a host of complex concerns.

Heading toward the door, Gov. Malloy keeps up liquor law fight

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is nothing if not persistent. The state's chief executive has repeatedly pushed hard for changes to Connecticut's minimum pricing liquor law rule, which he and like-minded thinkers view as price fixing and detrimental to business in the state.

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