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Americans largely fail to prepare for divorce or widowhood

According to a study conducted by TD Ameritrade, 65 percent of married people lack a plan for handling their finances in the event of divorce or the death of a spouse. Connecticut residents may want to consider their financial plans in the event of their marriage ending as money is among the most-disrupted areas when divorce occurs.

On divorce, alimony, and tracking payment information

When a couple files for divorce, it is highly unlikely that everything will be "fair." These are two different people that have different careers, different objectives, and different needs. When they divorce, the goal of the court isn't necessarily to make things perfectly even -- it is to ensure that the two spouses have compliantly and appropriately divorced, and that any financial matters are as "fair" as they can be.

What is the best interest of the child standard?

The most contentious discussions during a divorce can often center on the children. Determining custody arrangements is a difficult process, particularly if the parents cannot come to an agreement on their own. In these situations, the courts may play a role in putting together a custody arrangement. When this happens, courts generally apply a legal standard referred to as the best interest of the child.

How do you responsibly manage your alimony after divorce?

In some divorce cases, alimony is awarded. Alimony is often called spousal support, but they function in the same way: one spouse pays another spouse for either a temporary or indefinite amount of time to alleviate any financial hardship that could occur as a result of the divorce.

The worst things divorcees want to hear from you

Going through a divorce may produce a range of emotions for you. Announcing it may produce a range of responses as well. Some may be very sincere, others may be downright stupid. Nevertheless, you are going to have to deal with them. In the meantime, it is helpful to know what’s coming from those who don’t have a good sense of decorum, or any class.

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